The Growing Demand For Women Hair Wigs

Posted by Admin on October, 19, 2021

Wigs are worn generally for convenience, cosmetic, or prosthetic reasons. People, who have lost all or parts of their hair due to baldness because of aging or due to illness, use wigs to hide their conditions, and, men are comparatively less interested in disguising their baldness than women. In fact, women are more familiar to use wigs completely for cosmetic reasons only for altering their appearance.

The providers of women hair wigs in Delhi supply products to their female customers depending on their reviews, as they may feel that wigs are an efficient medium for quickly achieving a fuller or longer hairstyle or to have a different colored hairstyle that can dramatically change their appearance. In fact, according to the surveys, women also believe that using hair wigs can offer a suitable solution for hair care during traveling.

Raw materials for hair wigs:

  • Jute - At the beginning of the nineteenth century, theatrical wigs were made using the jute fibers. Today, instead of jute fiber, yak hair which is brought from Tibet, is used popularly in making the clown wigs. This yak hair sets well, can be dyed quickly, and survives assaults of shaving cream and food.

  • Synthetic materials - Synthetic materials like nylon, acrylic, polyester or modacrylic are popularly using in the making of wigs for multiple reasons. The first reason is, of course, their cost-effectiveness. Synthetic wigs cost approximately one-tenth of the human natural hair wigs. In the last few decades, technology has improved the effectiveness of synthetic wigs and now they have improved quality and feel more like natural human hair. Another major benefit of using synthetic wigs is that it is light in weight that natural hair wigs. And, last but not the least synthetic wigs can hold a style for long. But of course, it cannot bring the total feel, comfort, and movement like the human hair wigs.

  • Human hair – it definitely makes the popular choice for making wigs, and the prime reasons are definitely their natural feeling and look. Human hair wigs can be easily styled. In fact, it can be colored or permed too. So, how human hair is collected? The manufacturers now use the combings of hair instead of cutting hair. Maximum countries import human hair for making wigs. Italy is counted as the best sources for human hair and the other countries including USA, India, Germany, France, Japan, etc. purchase hair of different texture and color from the countries like Italy for producing best quality and varieties of natural hair wigs.

Other than these materials, often human hair gets mixed with synthetic hair for making wigs so that it remains affordable as well as can move naturally like human hair.

Types of wigs:

You can purchase ready-made women hair wigs from the online stores. They maintain one-size common fit that can be adjusted on different heads. These can be made of either human hair or synthetic materials and can be prepared using hands or machines. You can find the best fit wig for you on custom order at the manufacturers. Hand-tied wigs are able to offer natural appearance to the wigs.

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